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Environmental Technologies Field

Photovoltaic Elements


Discovered the world's first procedure to generate electricity from processing high purity silicon dioxide that can work in low and dark illumination.

Rare Metal Recovery

We have patented a process to recover rare metals from solid and liquid waste products containing these metals, without the use of expensive conventional reducing agents. As precious metal particles are usually found in sheet formations, it is easy to separate and recover them.

Bio Business Filed

Cell Cultures

Developed cell culture gel allowing for 3D culturing of animal and human cells and tissue in similar environment as in vivo conditions. Making possible observation of and culturing of elementary cancer cells [primary culture] to be used for basic research and development of pharmaceutical products.

Security Field

Authenticity/Authentication Technology

Developed authentication microchip referred to as artifact-metrics that can recognize and distinguish the authenticity of cash cards and credit cards. This system can also be used to determine the authenticity of passports and securities and as a preventive measure against forged IC chips.

Medical Filed

Epithelial cell growth-promoting agent

Developed oligopeptide capable of easily permeating the stratum corneum layer and reaching the targeted cell. This peptide functions as an epithelial cell growth-promoting agent, stimulating hair growth and promotes reproduction of epithelial cells and can be used as a treatment for hair loss.